Fluoroscopically guided interventional procedures are one of the areas within radiology with the highest individual risk; both of cancer and of radiation injury such as skin burns. The use of x-ray guidance has increased in recent years [1], as has the power of x-ray equipment available.

The fluoroscopy users’ group has been established to help UK users share expertise and knowledge to make practical changes to the way systems are set up, used and managed with the aim of maximising their usefulness while minimising harm.

To that end there will be an annual meeting for users to present and discuss recent work. We also aim to provide copies of all presentations on the website, as well as space to share protocols, good practice guides and QA data.



  1. Hart D et al. HPA-CRCE-012 Frequency and collective dose for medical and dental examinations in the UK, 2008. Chilton: HPA; 2010.