Abstracts of up to 500 words in English are now invited for submission until 11th September. They are expected to report on relevant, practical work related to one or more of the topics of the meeting, that will contribute to improve the standards of fluoroscopy imaging and make best use of the technology available.



Abstracts are welcome in all current issues in fluoroscopy in general and interventional medical procedures

  • New and emerging technologies / Cost effectiveness
  • Clinical / technical protocol optimisation
  • Commissioning / Quality assurance / Performance testing
  • Dose / Image quality optimisation
  • Personal dose assessment and management
  • Patient dose assessment and management
  • Incident prevention and management
  • Regulatory matters / Impact of new BSS
  • Workflow optimisation / Service management issues

The abstracts will be reviewed and all authors will be notified. Authors of abstracts that successfully passed the review process, will be invited to present their work as an oral presentation.

You should receive a confirmation from us that we have your abstract. If you do not, or you have any other questions, get in touch at team@flug.org.uk